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Best Ice cream Truck in Houston


One cold, delicious treat at a time!

Your guests will be thrilled as we roll over Mightytoro’s legendary Ice Cream truck! We love to entertain people, and there is no better miracle than renting our truck to take care of your next outdoor event.
Mightytoro ice cream truck in Houston is perfect for weddings, birthday parties, school events, corporate events, and outdoor events of all sizes. If your event is indoors, we can go up to the door or outdoor of your event.

Mightytoro ice cream contains best, award-winning flavors – starting with creamy 14% butterfat ice cream mixed with only the best ingredients: nuts, pieces of real fruit, rich chocolate, fudge bar, and vanilla flavors. Do you have a new favorite item from the memories of the days of ice cream trucks? We have them too.

Mightytoro ice cream truck cater for the greater Houston area and special packages are available for birthday parties, school events and co-op events. We are also available at public events, big or small!


The Mightytoro ice cream truck in Houston offers premium ice cream. Mighty Toro Ice Cream Truck allows customers to make their own round ice cream with over 30 options. Improve your sense of humor by adding Ice Cream in your events.

For outdoor events at a scheduled time with a dedicated ice cream server.
Is your event outdoors? At the scheduled time? An ice cream truck might be the best solution.


Mightytoro Ice cream Truck Service is simple, straightforward, and flexible to manage your next event – big or small.

Mightytoro only works ice cream rich, ocreamy, real dairy soft-serve is just what you if you want a strong treatment .

We have a variety of packages of all shapes and sizes based on the size of your party and guests.